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QuickLlama Airport Shuttle is the best way to travel between Lima's Airport and Miraflores.

  • Low cost: 15 soles (and only 10 soles for groups of 3 or more!)

  • Quick transfers: direct and non-stop

  • Comfortable: new vehicles with free WiFi, AC and space for all your luggage

We take you directly to key central points in Miraflores

  • Travel non-stop between Miraflores and Lima's Airport
  • With hundreds of hotels, restaurants, cafés and shops, Miraflores is the most popular district for visitors in Lima
  • We’ll soon be starting new routes between other parts of Lima and the Airport

Sharing is better!

  • Sharing an airport transfer with others is safer and cheaper
  • Helps to protect the environment and reduce traffic in the city

Easy-to-book and convenient

  • Check the time that best suits you, choose whether you’re going to the airport or to Miraflores and you're set. It’s that simple!
  • Our vehicles are brand new and equipped with comfortable seats, air conditioning and free WiFi

Spend money on your vacation, not on your transfer!

  • Only 15 soles per person (less than US$5 dollars!)
  • 10 soles if traveling in a group of 3 or more! (less than US$3 dollars!)
  • In Lima, most taxis are non-metered and the ones at the airport are expensive, so you will have to bargain your final fare. With us, you save money and you know the price before you travel

Prices start at S/.10 (less than US$3!)

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Information about our stops

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Frequent departures help you plan your journey

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Let’s travel together!

Shared transportation is a great way to travel safely, save money, reduce traffic in the city and protect the environment. Quick Llama brings travellers together to pursue a common goal: to enjoy travel without worrying about the usual hassle of airport transfers!